Tuesday, June 14, 2011

If You Give Kat a Cupcake...

I thought it would be cute to do a Cupcake Party for Kat's Second Birthday.

I'm a HUGE fan of cupcakes at parties, because I'm so incredibly lazy they're fun and easy!

Plus...since we call her Kat...I was able to play with the whole "If you give a cat a cupcake" thing. However, our version morphed from the cute children's book into a pink and purple explosion!

Oh well!

Here's a shot of her "cake":

The cupcakes are just a white cake mix. For the number of Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents & Cousins that were coming, I made three mixes. I left one white and colored one purple and one pink. Then I dobbed all three colors into each liner. Sort of like I did for the Rainbow Cupcakes we made for St. Patrick's Day. The frosting is a homemade cream cheese frosting that I colored pink and purple. Then we had to put sprinkles on top!

Did you notice the "2" hanging above the table?

It was super fun and easy to make! I got the inspiration HERE! via Pinterest.

And what do you use??? Cupcake Liners!

I started with this:

Left-over liners and an empty cake box! I flattened out the box.

Then I pulled out my Mad Middle School Skillz and drew a puffy two.

Hmmm...can you tell it's been awhile since Middle School?!? Okay. Now cut it out. The two that is...but you can also cut out thinking about how old I am! :)

Next I folded each liner in half and then in half again.

I folded the pointy ends a bit to make it easier to glue them to the cardboard. Then I smeared some hot glue on my cardboard a little at a time and glued the liners down. It took about five minutes to fill it up.

Super Cute!!! Then I glued a bit of ribbon onto the back to hang it from. It looked great behind the cake table and it's now hanging on the CuppyCake Princess' bedroom door!


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c.w.frosting said...

Adorable! Will make myself a 31 next year =)

-caroline @ c.w.frosting

Crystal said...

This is adorable!:) Thank you so much for linking up at my Summer Lovin’ Party at Homemaker in Heels! Hope to see you again soon! Have a great weekend!
Homemaker in Heels

Amy said...

Beautiful cupcakes and nice decorations! My baby girl is turning 2 soon and I'm searching for party ideas! This is wonderful. :)

D+B said...

Love your blog!! Its so cute!!! I am your newest follower!!! i would love to feature you on my blog. so let me know!! :) So if you would like to go and check out my blog and follow me too! That would make my day!!! :) I am so excited to start blogging and share my ideas on food, crafts, and mineral make-up. I will also be doing giveaways on stuff, like mineral make-up. So look out for it!

B.Cheniful said...

LOVE the cupcake wrapper numbers!!! Awesome idea :)