Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cuppy Cake!'s been awhile!

Long enough for me to be having crazy bloggy thoughts like, "Has it been to long? Will anyone still be interested in what I'm doing? Should I delete me and re-invent myself???" Do you ever have those days? I can't be the only one around with a nutsy lady in my brain telling me things...

But I decided to ignore "Nutsy Brain Amy" and go ahead with a New Post!

We had a WONDERFUL time on our week long South Dakota vacation. Lots of pictures (I won't bore you with) and lots of cute kid stories (I won't bore you with)!!!

Moving right you Pinterest? I am in LOVE with Pinterest. And I found THESE mouth watering cupcakes on there that I HAD to try!

Cherry Coke Float Cupcakes?!?! 
Yes, please. Pretty Please...With a Cherry on Top! Literally.

Here's my version!

Drool Worthy! I followed the recipe and they turned out so yummy!

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Sarah said...

Those look delish! Yum!

Thanks for following me @ This Crazy Blessed Life!

I followed you back :)