Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We All Scream for Ice Cream!

Seriously. Don't we?

I do. I luv me some ice cream. It's my favorite dessert!

And it goes hand in hand with birthday cake. And we just happened to have a birthday around here recently (maybe I've mentioned it?)! And I'm starting a lot of sentences with "and"...

Back when we were prepping for our first child's first birthday my Grandma Rita said, "You know my ice cream trick, don't you?"

I didn't. But I learned. Quick. With LOTS of family and LOTS of cake to serve up, no one wants to fart around scooping up ice cream. Sticky, runny, messy-ness!

Here's our solution!

We spend a few minutes the night before scooping the ice cream up into cupcake liners. Then we pop them into the freezer until the candles are blown out. Then PRESTO! Instant ice cream servings that are easy to grab and put on a plate next to some cake.

Now...If you'll excuse me. I'm off to eat some left-overs!


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Something Swanky Cupcakes and Desserts said...

I'd love for you to link this up to my Sweet Treats Party today! Hope to see you there,

rita jean said...

Ice Cream!!!! Oh my, I'm a lover of the stuff too! Especially in hot summer weather! You just made me hungry! ;) That's a good idea you and your grandma have! Thanks for sharing!

The Outlaw Mom said...

Yum! Great tip - thanks for sharing :-)

Amy said...

This is such a wonderful idea especially for parties! The guests don't need to wait around for ice cream scooping! How clever! Thanks for sharing.

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