Monday, May 23, 2011

Sum-Mah (pronounced summer) Kick Off!

My boys final day of school was Friday (both grade school & pre-school). They were all excited to get on with Summer Vacation, but I just couldn't put my heart into it until yesterday. Saturday was a normal day for us...since they wouldn't have been at school anyway. I know. Mom's a Party Pooper.

So yesterday I suggested we do some Putt Putt! It's on our Summer Bucket List. It's also one of the items on my 101 in 1001 Challenge. John has spent Saturday night with my folks so Sunday we were just a family of four (in other words...equal
parent / kid ratio). YAY!

One of our local malls has an indoor putt putt course. And it's Black Light!!! Extra fun points for Me. Gotta make up for my former lack of enthusiasm.

We even put Kat in argyle for her first time golfing!

I've got to stop feeding this kid radio-active foods!

I was impressed with Louie's game. We've never taken him before, and most holes he could do in four shots. Kat was awesome at throwing the ball, giggling and twirling around in a psychedelic frenzy. All in all...I'd call it a success!

To top Sunday night off we let the boys "camp" in the living room.

Two cute boys cuddled up in their sleeping bags on the floor. That's what you'd think, isn't it?

Not for us! We took Living Room camping to a new level!

And scooted the love seat across the room next to the couch. It made a huge (and lopsided) bed! The boys loved it and whispered themselves to sleep.


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Jennifer said...

I'm so ready for summer. Except I'm not... I don't have much planned yet, but I'm ready to get it started!