Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mail Call

I've got a funny story to share with you.

We (my 1 yo, 3 yo & myself) go to pick up my second grader from school every day. When we get home, the boys (7 & 3) take turns running down to the mailbox to bring up the mail.

The other day, Louie (the one who's seven), in all his supreme second grade selfishness booked it out of the car and down the drive before I could even unbuckle John (the one who's three). CHAOS, CATASTROPHE and everything short of the APOCALYPSE erupted from my poor little John.
It was truly the end of the world as he knew it.

I know. What's so funny about this? Just wait.

In my desperation...and before my neighbors could call CPS...I shouted (I had to in order to be heard), "John! Why don't you run up to the front door and see if Mommy has a package!"

And he was off! Totally worked. I knew there was nothing there...but it distracted him and gave him something to do to feel important.

Are you ready? Here it comes!

There WAS a package!!!

Totally wasn't expecting it...but it made an Angry Little Man turn into Over the Moon Happy!

Me too!

Awhile back I was reading a post on banishing paper towels over at Who's Watching the Baby?.

It reached out to me, because I had just been having my own inner debate about the evils of paper towels. So I checked out Kristen's link to THIS GREAT ETSY SHOP and I liked what I saw. So much that I ordered from her! (and she doesn't know I'm writing I hope it's okay!) I liked a lot of her things & I'm going to buy more...I'm just pacing myself! I would seriously go check her out.

AND she has great timing...because this little package of gold came RIGHT when I needed it! :)

I got inside and I ripped it open:

LOVELY! Nice, soft, re-usable, napkin/towels! Cheerfully wiping up my nasty kid messes!

And all prettied up with a BOW! It's the little things...

Rainbow! I played with them for awhile.

Princess & The Pea, anyone???

I was SO excited and John was smug and kept telling Louie, "I made Mama happy!"

And Louie was put off enough because the mailbox only held our stinky boring old water bill...I didn't even need to talk to him about stealing his brother's turn at the mailbox!



ps...It gets funnier. I was reading Funky Polkadot Giraffe and she's hosting this linky!

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