Saturday, April 10, 2010

You Know You've Been Married 10 Years...

This past December James and I celebrated our 10th Anniversary. It's starting to show! None of that 7-year-itch stuff...although I STILL haven't been able to train him into rinsing out a glass after he's used it to drink milk. is starting to show in the fact that all of our stuff is wearing out!

Just this past week I had to buy a new coffee pot and a new can opener (Really. A can opener. My mom's still works from 1977!). Our hot glue gun just went kaputt. We're down to four glasses and 6 plates. BOTH of my crock pots went on the fritz in the past few months.

BUT...we still make each other laugh. I still can't wait for James to come home (even if it means that I tag him and shout "You're IT!", then run and hide in the bathroom). I still love to cuddle him with the lights turned off and a good movie on TV. As long as none of these things break, we're doing okay.

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Sara said...

My mom always said everyone needs a new wedding shower every 10 years!