Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lady Bugs Marching

Our Little Ladybug, Kat, will be turning one in a couple of months and her party will be a Ladybug Picnic. I know I've got Cub Scouts, Soccer, Louie's school stuff, J's pre-school screening, AND Louie's birthday that all come first, but I can't help but be a little excited and start on some Lady-Buggy Craftyness!

A few years ago my Grandmother, Rita, was taking painting lessons from a friend of hers. She started these super cute Ladybugs made from river rock. Since then, Rita's arthritis has gotten worse and she had to give up painting. These beauties were sitting in the basement gathering dust...and we just rescued them! I'm finishing them up and they will be centerpieces at Kat's party!

Ladybugs are SO easy. Rita purchased these stones, but you can find any smooth rock or stone. She painted them black all over. Then she painted the red sides. Next she did the black dots on the body and white dots for the eyes and antenna. This is where she left off...I've finished the eyes and antenna. We finished the white eyes with a black dot in the center. Next I'm going to seal them, so we can use them as garden decorations after Kat's party! Be looking for more Ladybuggy-ness in the near future!

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