Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Last week was just one of those weeks that make you crazy. We had somewhere to be every single night! By Sat. afternoon we were down to no clean plates, one clean fork rattling around in the drawer and we were out of underwear! But it was SO incredibly beautiful here and we have SO much yard work to get done...we headed outside!

The first project was to remove the remaining clothes line pole from our back yard. My marvelous hubby (who isn't a natural Handyman...but he's learning!) removed the first one two years ago. After digging a hole to the center of the Earth, busting up a TON of concrete and finally sawing through the metal pole. This time we were prepared for a long drawn out ordeal. James popped it out after just a few hours of elbow grease! But he DID have two Super-Helpers this time around. Here are some shots of J. & Louie in the hole.

Our next project involved the iron railing along the front patio of our house. It has been slowly chipping and rusting away. Last year James spent an insane amount of time sanding, priming and spray painting (with that special No Rust paint) the goofy thing. This year...it was back to chipping and rusting full time. Solution...cut the thing down! Here are the before and after shots.

We've got lots more to do, but we're off to a good start. We dug up a bed to transplant our Iris bulbs and we got some annuals potted. Next is setting up a small (I'm wary since I tend to kill plants) vegetable garden and clear out some brush from the yard.

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Sara said...

looks great! You guys did work hard!