Thursday, April 15, 2010

Time in a Shoe Box

The "official" Cub Scout year wrapped up last night with our final Pack Meeting. I'm a Den Mama who likes to live on the edge, though, and I'll be planning meetings over the summer. The boys can get together, see their friends, have some fun & work on a few achievements! To wrap up their first year in Scouting, however, at our last Den Meeting we put together a time capsule. It would be something anyone could do with any type of, play-group, Daisies...

I printed out a "favorites" sheet with things like: Favorite Movie, Favorite Food, Favorite Holiday and so on. The boys each filled out a sheet. I also had a half blank sheet and on the bottom I typed, "My favorite thing we did this year in Scouts was". The boys finished the sentence and then drew a picture of themselves doing whatever activity they chose. Then we put their sheets in a big shoe box (funny note: when I picked up the box to show them, they all gasped "Sketchers" like those little aliens in Toy Story!) I threw in pictures I took at the outings, meetings and events from the past year. I brought a big sheet of butcher paper to the meeting and had all of the boys decorate it with drawings. Now I just have to wrap it up in their homemade wrapping paper. The plan is to open it when they are Second Year Webelos and ready to cross over from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts!

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