Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mr. Bones

As I'm frantically throwing together...patiently and calmly making our Halloween Costumes this year, I was reviewing LAST year's photos. I realized I never shared Louie's Skeleton Costume and that's what I'm going to do now!

Creepy, right?!?

I may or may not have slept with one eye opened last Halloween!

The costume part was easy enough! I found the instructions HERE on Family Fun. Then I bought a black sweatsuit and I even found skeleton gloves for a dollar at Wal-Mart. I printed and cut out the template onto white contact paper and stuck it to the sweatsuit.

Louie tried it on and half the bones promptly fell off. Ugh.

So I re-printed out the templates and traced them onto white felt. Then I cut out all the bones (again) and hot glued them onto the sweatsuit. Worked like a charm! The template included a mask, but I'm more of a fan of face paint.

Start with an incredibly handsome and impatient boy. Paint his face (minus the eye sockets) white. Remind him 100 times to not lick his lips. When he licks his lips anyway, give him a sip of water to get that, "Super gross make up taste" out of his mouth.

Then I eye-balled a nose hole (socket?). Extended his mouth out and added some teeth. And a skull just isn't a skull without a major crack.

Color in that nose hole/socket. He's thrilled. Can you tell? 

I added black around his eyes (but not too close!) and a little cleft in his chin.

Taaa Daaaaah!

To finish off the look I put a black stocking cap on him to cover up those Pinky Alive Looking Ears.

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