Monday, October 3, 2011

Go Big Red!

Maybe you know...maybe you don't...but I'm a Nebraskan.

Born and Bred and Corn Fed

And I'm PROUD! 

Through my life:
I've been asked by someone from California, "Do you, like, still have trouble with Indians?" 
I've been asked by someone from Florida, "Do you have to go to a well to get water?"
I've been asked by someone from Oklahoma (ummmm...only separated from us by Kansas), "Do you have cows? Do you ride a horse to school?"

My answers have varied:
"Do you know what year it is?"
"Do you have this thing called "education" in your state?"
"Are you freaking kidding me??? You're from Oklahoma! You're in the same boat we are!!!"

Anyway...I love Nebraska. We're in the middle...that means we're not too crazy. Lots of space. Lots of clean air. Lots of blue sky! Not too far of a drive to see fields of green, orchards, berry farms. People are friendly here and helpful. It's right on the sign, "The Good Life"!

Maybe you know...maybe you don't...but Nebraska has this little football team.

They're called the Huskers!

If you follow college football, you've probably heard about them. 
I'm not a big football fan. I was in the marching I know that the game is just the Half-Time pre-show! However, I can't help but get swept up by, what I like to call The Red Zone.

This week they lost (Big Time) to the Wisconsin Badgers. Maybe you heard my husband hollering? Sobbing? With all that raw emotion...I thought we needed some Husker Cheering in our house. This is what I came up with:

The inspiration came from Pinterest (pinspiration!) When I saw THIS.

I unleashed my Knock Off Powers and grabbed some ribbon. First, I tried pinning the ribbon rolls to the wreath, but they went all crooked on me. So I got out my glue gun and made a zillion little rolls from the ribbon and then glued them into place. I used my Silhouette machine to cut out the glitter & black "N", but I couldn't get the white background right, so I hand cut it.

I'm pretty excited with how it turned out! And, win or lose, we love our Huskers!!!


Sara @ Mom Endeavors said...

Oh my goodness, how fun to find you!!! I saw the wreath on Skip to My Lou and that a Nebraska wreath?!?! How fun that it is!! We are HUGE Nebraska fans! I met my husband at school there in Lincoln & I was in the marching band all 4 years of college!!
With our love of college football (and specifically Nebraska), I started a weekly feature on my site with an ongoing "College Football Tailgate" Link Party! I would LOVE to have you link this up!!

Jennifer said...

I know exactly what you mean. Everyone expects me to be some backwoods hillbilly since I'm from Arkansas. No teeth or shoes. =P Very cool wreath!

Amy said... wear shoes??? Just kidding! I've only been in Northern Arkansas (Eureka Springs area) and we LOVED it! I can't wait to get back down there!