Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Couple Costume...

...that doesn't involve me dressing up like a pole dancer!

Really. ALL the costumes out there to buy for women are some sort of crazy male fantasy and cost a fortune. Even Strawberry Shortcake. Seriously. I'd never be able to look my daughter's doll in the eye again!

So what's a conservative & thrifty lady to do when she's invited to a costume party?

10 points if your answer was: Get Creative and DIY!

That's how the hubs and I ended up looking like this last year at our good friend's Halloween Party!

Can you guess what we are???

I'm a Tree Hugger and my DH is a TREE!

It's not the best photo (I tend to crop out my jiggly parts). But here's the idea...

On my Tree:
Brown Sweatpants (trunk)
Green Shirt (leaves that haven't turned color yet)
Three Fall Garlands wrapped and pinned around the hubs

On me:
Cargo Pants
Flowered Doc Martins (from college)
My Dad's oldest flannel shirt
1970's head scarf (borrowed from my mom)
Hair done up in tiny braids
Picket Sign saying "I make Oxygen! What's your superpower?" taped to a paper towel roll

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