Friday, July 8, 2011

Pinwheel Hair Clip

Here's another Hair Clip I made for Kat's birthday.

I found the idea and a GREAT tutorial over at eighteen25!

Not to mention, eighteen25 is an all around FANTASTIC blog...I love spending time there!

Back to the Pinwheel...with some felt scraps and a button and a hot glue gun you get almost instant cuteness! Don't you think??? Go check out how to make them...but I warn you...they're a bit addictive!!!

Here's Kat with her Great Grandma (Nana!). Kat likes to rock in Nana's recliner and read. And Nana likes the incredibly large & crazy stuff I put in Kat's hair!

My baby now has bangs. Today we were at my parents (Nana lives with them) and I just got tired of fighting the Princess of Sass to keep her fine hair out of her eyes. She likes to Shaggy Dog it...I like her not bumping into everything. So my mom trimmed her a set (?) of bangs!

She looks SO DIFFERENT!!! They are growing on me, but I cried after it was done (I'm a total sap.)!

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Jen@eighteen25 said...

oh yay!! it turned out so cute... i love it and look at your cutie she is just a doll! thanks so much for sharing with us!!