Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back to School Night

Tonight was Back To School Night for our 3rd grader!

Where has the summer gone? Wasn't it just Memorial Day?

I'm always a little sad when school starts up. As a stay at home mom, during the school year it seems like I let myself get so busy. Summer is great to slow down. We don't have anywhere we have to be. We can wear our jammies all day if we want. Lots of craziness going on around here.

But I'm also a little happy when school starts up. Routine can be a good thing. Especially with an eight year old boy who has run out of constructive things to do with himself. I found myself saying (a LOT) this past week, "Go get a book. No. A chapter book. Now sit down. Read your book. No. Not out loud. No. Don't sit on your brother to read your book." His ability to follow more than one direction at a time went right out the window!

That being said, tomorrow is the big First Day! Tonight the school hosted an open house. Families come up, meet the teachers, drop off their supplies, see some friendly faces...good times! We found Louie's class room and his teacher greeted us. Then he had to find the desk with his name...in CURSIVE! Woo Hoo! Something new!

On each of the student's desk was a banana and a cute little letter. This is what I wanted to share with you all...I think it's so sweet!

Louie's teacher greets them and welcomes them to a new school year. She introduces herself. Gives info about where to meet tomorrow morning. I'll quote the rest...

"This year we will learn, pray, work, and play together as one family in Christ. I am here to help you learn to be a "MONKEY."


Isn't that cute??? Louie thought the banana was great. And he cracked up at the idea of a teacher wanting them all to be Monkeys. Cheers to a Good Year!!!

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