Monday, April 25, 2011

Nests Fit for Some Peeps!

Did everyone have a great Easter???

Ours was nice! The kids were bouncing on our bed by 6 am and found all their eggs about 10 minutes later! The Easter Bunny hides eggs around the house with change in them at our place. It's funny...if I would hand Louie $1.62 he'd probably think, "Okay. Weird amount." But if he finds that much in random eggs...he's ELATED!

Then we went to an early mass and sat by some great friends. I love watching the kids during service. The sun was coming in the stained glass windows and John and Kat were pointing at the beautiful colors on the wall. Our pastor was full of energy and the Joy of Risen Christ! Then we spent the rest of the day with our families...first mine and then my husband's.

Here is a cute and FUN treat my mother-in-law came up with. She got one last year from a friend and wondered if it would be easy to make some for the family this year. I, of course, said, "SURE!" So Sat. her and my brother-in-law's girlfriend (really. that's a mouth-full. can't wait till I can call her my sis-in-law! no pressure, though, guys!!!) came over armed with choco chips, butterscotch & chow mein noodles. And PEEPS! I bet you're dying to see what we concocted...right???

And Army of Peeps setting on their eggs! What came first, the Egg or the Peep? These cracked me up...but here's a fun and interesting twist...Rita Jean over at Country Maverickess posted these same treats on Sat.!  Great minds think alike!
So if you like my blog...head over to her's and I guarantee you'll like it, too!'s what we did. We melted a giant bag of chocolate chips and a regular sized bag of butterscotch chips. I added some oil so it wouldn't be too thick. Then in a fit of genius...I started throwing some peanut butter in. My MIL looked kind of worried, but chocolate + peanut butter = YUMMY in my book. When it wasn't lumpy any more we added the chow mein noodles. A whole bag. And mixed it up carefully trying to not break up the noodles. Your basic Haystack No Bake Cookie recipe would work wonderfully. I was just winging this.
Then I spooned little blobs of our gooey mixture onto waxed paper. Lindsey (my b-in-law's g-friend. seriously. no pressure!!!) followed me by pushing in three malted candy eggs and then my MIL followed her by dipping each Peeps bottom into the chocolate and setting it on top.

Proud Mama Peep.

It's as if she's saying, "What you lookin' at?"

Then...we ran out of Peeps. So some of the nests had to go Peep-less.

Which is okay by me...I'm not a Peep Fan. Please no hating.


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Unknown said...

Yum! Yours look great too! I love that you added the peanut butter. My sister would love your variation! Sounds like you all had lots of fun making them as well!
p.s.-thanks for the shout out! I'm still smiling over how we both had the same idea :)