Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pom Poms

If you checked out yesterday's post...you'll notice that I stuffed my newly made jars with some festive
pom poms.

And I realized that not everyone might know how to whip up these easy babies! (okay...really...making them is pretty fun and I'm a little addicted to it right now...)

Here we go!

I remember my mom having a plastic tool to make her pom poms on. My grandmother used pieces of cardboard. Either of these work great. I'm just lazy  cheap  practical and use my own fingers. That way I will never loose my pom pom maker!

For the smaller ones, I used two fingers and for the larger ones I used three. Hold the end of your yarn in place and start winding it around your fingers.

Oooo...I've got some purple finger-tip going on. There may be a thing as TOO much pom pom! Anyway...again...for the smaller pom pom I wrapped the yarn around about 50 times. For the larger, I did 100. John helped me count!

Next you want to gently slide the yarn off your fingers. Snip a short length of yarn and lay it down on your work surface and then place your wound up yarn on top.

I know. Rocket Science! Now tie your yarn piece around the middle of your wound up piece. TIGHTLY. Double knot.

Here's the fun part...you've just made a million little loops. Grab your scissors and start snipping the loops. I found this to be very therapeutic! Make sure you get them all.  And FLUFF your pom pom!

I've got a few long pieces. Give your pom pom a trim and you're good to go! No, really, go make some!
I'm going to! (wink!)

p.s...WARNING...decorating with too many pom poms will force your children to start lobbing them at each other. That is okay. They are soft. I suggest if this happens that you calmly pick one up and take aim!

Check out THIS party!


KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

So pretty. I love pompoms. Love your colour choice.

Lindsay said...

We used our fingers to make them, too, when I learned growing up. My 7yo and 5yo girls came over when I was looking at your post and simultaneously said "OOOOOOOOH! PREEEEETY!" LOL!

Unknown said...

So cute! I vaguely remember making these as a kid :)

Creative Contentment said...

this is great..i have no idea why I haven't thought of this or seen this before. Where I live there are no pom poms so thanks, this makes me smile!!