Thursday, March 10, 2011

Feelin' Lucky???

Get your minds out of the Gutter, People!

I'm talking about St. Pats & Pots-O-Gold & Leprechauns!

I'm also talking about how LUCKY I am! My DarlingHubs (I purposely didn't put a space there) surprised me for our anniversary last December by ordering me a Silhouette on CyberMonday! How cute is that??? Because he had heard me rant and rave about all the insanely cute things I'd been seeing in blogland.

Now sit down. I haven't used it yet!!! I mean, I've used it, but I haven't completed any projects with it. I'm ashamed to call myself a crafter! I remedied this sorry situation yesterday by whipping up this cute little banner. Read "little" to mean: Fifty Foot Long! Not really, but almost!

Sorry about the glare from outside! Sorry, also, for my super boring bamboo blinds! Any suggestions on window coverings would be greatly appreciated! Since this is such a crummy shot...I took close ups!

So. Are you? Feelin' Lucky?

I AM! And I really like this banner! And it was ridiculously easy to make. The Silhouette is FANTASTIC and I was able to do this while helping my three-year-old ClingOn put together puzzles and ALSO hold my Croupy Kat on my lap and sing her the Tiny Turtle song over and over. TMI?

Next up on my Silhouette To-Do List...Jazz up this weird beam between our kitchen and living room with some vinyl.

Stay Tuned...


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