Thursday, March 24, 2011

Look, Ma! I'm Knitting!!!

Sort-a. I'm sort-a knitting. But it's a start! And I'm very excited!!

I read this awesome blog, Make It and Love It. And they read my mind and are running a "Learn To Knit" mini-series. Yes, please! I grabbed Kat and ran to the nearest Michaels to get my supplies.

Then I came home and tried to knit. Hmmm. Then I tried some more. Ummmm. Some more?

I've got to say Rebecca (the lovely lady who is doing this Mini-Series) does a Tremendous Job...great directions, photos...she even includes a youtube video for people who need some live action shots.

I'm going to blame my stubborn left-handedness on my problems. I figured I could knit like a normal right-handed person. Apparently my brain doesn't roll that way.

So I flipped everything backwards and tried again. And it worked!!! YAY!

I can cast on like a beast! I had so much fun, I busted my Mom's stash she inherited from my Grandmother and grabbed all the knitting needles (Mom crochets). And I casted on like a fool!

The green, white & pink are on Size 8 needles. The burgundy is on a size 10. The blue is on a size 7.

Looks pretty good?

Well. Practice makes perfect. So I ripped them all up and did them again.

Now I was ready (or so I thought) for the next step.

Again. I think my brain is wired a bit strangely. I tried and tried. Then I swore I would crochet until the day I died. Tried some more. Said some nasty things to those poor needles (sorry needles). But then it just clicked. Not sure what happened. But here's where I am!

I'm pretty proud!

I'm also VERY PROUD to say that my

Wash-Cloth Bunnies are being featured over at Ucreate With Kids!


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