Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Raising HER Ears!

Today is one of those Milestone Days!

Lady Sassy Pants is having her very first hair cut! Pardon me while I run and grab a tissue...

I'm all a Tizzy. Her hair is so long right now:

Dancing with Big Brother

I feel like such a weenie about making a big deal out of her "first" hair cut when she obviously has bangs! My Mom's been trimming bangs for her almost a year now. But this is her first "in the chair" cut! 

She's about 50/50 on the Hair Fixin'. Sometimes she sits there and lets me brush and braid and primp myself into Happy Mommy Land. Sometimes she fights me like a feral hog.

But, much as I love it, the tips of her hair are still that wispy find baby fluff and the length is really uneven in the back. When I braid or roll her hair there are a million sticky out bits. So we're having them trim it to shoulder length to even it out.

And I'm having all these insane irrational fears like: 
What if her hair stops growing and we can never make it long again? What if the stylist goes nuts and gives her a Pixie Cut? What if she falls in love with the idea of having her hair cut and uses her Mountain Goat Climbing Skillz to get at the scissors and goes Baldsie?

I've been sitting around today looking at pictures of the last two years and how much her hair has grown. And I found a couple of hair clippie photos that I forgot to share with you all.

So...in the long run...today's Crazy Hair Obsession is helping me blog!

This first one was really quick and easy. I covered an alligator clip with green ribbon. Then I hot glued five small white buttons to the clip in the shape of a circle. I centered a larger yellow button and hot glued it on top of the white ones. Voila! Insta-Daisy Clippie!

The next flower clip is my favorite! Of all time!

I found the inspiration (& short and sweet tutorial) at Aly & Ash

How Easy Peasy can you get? I had all the supplies on hand. The only difference is I hot glued the button to the lace center and I used an alligator clip instead of a bobby pin.

Love It! I can't believe how much Lady Katy has grown...

Time to grab some more tissues!

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Jennifer said...

I promise you that her hair will still grow! =) I'm sure it will turn out just perfect! I understand that I'm probably not the best person to boost you up here considering my kids' track records.... LOL