Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fourth of July Goodies!

Did you all have a Festive & Safe Fourth of July???

I hope so! We sure did! We had some family and great friends over for a cook-out, snappers, play-time, fireworks and then we wrapped it all up with our town's Firework Show!

Here's my Firecracker Trio!

Anyway, I wanted to share two YUMMY goodies I made for the day.

Red, White & Blue Dipped Strawberries!

These were SO easy and SO yummy! I've been seeing shots of these I just ad-libbed.

I washed off a container of strawberries and patted them dry. I went ahead and cut off the stems. You don't need to, but I knew my kids would be leaving green strawberry leaves everywhere if I didn't! Then I melted a bag of white chocolate chips. I did it in a saucepan...people swear by the microwave, but I can never get the chocolate to melt properly that way. I dipped the strawberries into the chocolate and made sure a nice line of red was still showing. Then I immediately dipped the chocolate tip into blue sprinkles.

I set them down on waxed paper and then I popped them into the fridge to set. YUM!

Red, White & Blue Jell-O!

I found the idea and recipe for this HERE at Brown Eyed Baker. She cut them into adorable star shapes...go check them out!!!

This really wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. Plus, the looks on the kids faces when they saw the different colors was priceless. was YUMMY!!!

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