Monday, November 8, 2010

Fall Crochet Scarf

I am a complete newbie to the Art of Crochet. It's something I've always wanted to learn and something that my Mom has tried to teach me countless times. We've always chalked my failure up to me being a Lefty and my Mom being impatient (sorry Mom. Love you.). But I gritted my teeth and she gritted hers and we worked it out. Maybe my will to learn is stronger now that I have a daughter and I want to make her all these cute hats, flowers, scarves, ponchos...and whatnot's I see you ladies making all over the place. Anyway. It worked. But I'm still a newbie.

I am also a glutton for punishment. I found myself alone at the library. This doesn't happen often. Maybe once or twice a year. And when I'm by myself in the library...I tend to get into trouble. The kind of trouble that has me asking the librarian, "What's the book limit...?" And I found a couple of crochet pattern books. And in THIS one:

...I found a really cute scarf project. (Please forgive me...I'm also a newbie to blogging and I need to figure out how to get a cool professional picture from amazon to show up on my blog). Obviously this is a great pattern book because it looks like it's seen a lot of love. And I loved it!

I was able to figure out the pattern on my own and it's the first project I've completed without my Mom telling me what to do every step of the way! Here's what I ended up with:

There is a fringe on the ends that you can't see in my "Model's" representation. She LOVES it, so I'll be making her a Kat sized version. It's special, also, because the keen eye of my oldest picked out the colors for me. Quite nice and cozy.

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