Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Marshmallow Shooter Party Favors

Oh my Goodness! It's been awhile. I'd like to say that I haven't blogged for so long because I've been crazy busy doing projects, cleaning the house & gardening like a mad woman...but that would only be about half right! We've been crazy busy 50% of the time with school, activities and a FEW projects. The other 50% of the time has been taken over by laziness: napping with J and Kat, cuddling with James and the DVR , reading fluffy novels & becoming addicted to The Secret Life of the American Teenager (sad. but true.)!

So we have since celebrated Louie's 7th Birthday. I can't believe that the 10 lb 4 oz bundle of cuddle is already a seven year old! Anyway, every year we have a whopping big family party and this year we told him he could only invite a few of his class-mates to a small "friend" party. This was an agonizing process, because the boys in Louie's class are very close and all get along well with each other. So do us Moms!

A couple of weeks before Louie's big day we were at a craft fair and saw these Marshmallow Shooters made out of PVC pipes. "We could make those!" is a common thing you hear me say at craft fairs. James agreed and we did a Google search for homemade Marshmallow Shooters. Here's what we did:

Louie & James cutting the PVC pipe. We bought two lengths of PVC from Lowes and bags of T joints, elbow joints & end caps (forgive me if these aren't the correct terms). After cutting, we sanded down all the edges.

Here is what each boy got in a zip lock bag. The long piece is 7 inches. The shorter pieces are three inches. Each boy also got a baggy of mini marshmallows.

This is what the gun was SUPPOSED to look like. During the party, though, to stretch the time out James had the boys experiment and design their own guns. Each boy had a different way to put all their pieces together and each design worked!
Here was Louie's design. The boys then headed downstairs to our family room to open fire on the wall (no shooting each other). They had SO much fun and didn't really want to stop for cake and presents! Our basement floor looked like it was covered with marshmallow snow!

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Tasha said...

My son is going to go bonkers over this!! We just had his birthday party last week, I wish I would have done this for all of his friends! Great idea! Thanks for linking up to Try it Tuesday at DotDotDot! I wll be featuring this!!!
Have a great Monday!