Friday, November 30, 2012

Elfish Antics

I'm pretty sure we are the last family in the Universe to jump on the Elf on the Shelf Band Wagon.
Better late than never!!!

This morning our three little grumps woke up to this:

North Pole Breakfast!!!

Santa FINALLY sent us our own Elvin Scout...Filmore!

The Man in the Big Red Suit also sent this letter, introducing Filmore and giving us his brief resume and job description!

That's S.C.'s official signature, people! We're so glad Filmore came with a name, as our children are not the best at picking out names for things: Meow Meow, Pup Pup, and (the most weird) a stuffed Buffalo named Moosey. SO! When Santa says "Filmore" we comply!

This Cute Little Guy made us Breakfast:

Peppermint North Poles with Powdered Sugar Do-nuts, Reindeer Do-nuts, and normal...non-theme-specific Do-Nuts. Hey, even Elves need some sleep!

Close up of a Rudolf Do-Nut. The kids got the biggest kick out of them. And the noses are definitely they kept saying, "These are candy. Thanks, Filmore! We get candy for breakfast!" It's the little things...

He had hot water waiting to make up some Cocoa in new Christmas cups and a bowl of Peppermint Marshmallows to go with it.

For himself, although he Froze before he had a chance to munch on them, Filmore even made up a tray of Elf Sized Do-Nuts!

For Reals. If the Cooking Network had a show called Mini Do-Nut Wars, Filmore would be BOSS!

Here's John & Katy in a state of Ecstatic Christmas Wonder. They were so in awe of Filmore, they only got a few nibbles and sips in!

Filmore also tricked out our stylin' 1980s ceiling fan with lights, tinsel garland, curly ribbon and giant snowflakes! 

When it was time to get brushed and dressed for school, the tree Filmore chose to perch himself on was gently lifted and placed on top the fridge (where it originally was before this Elvin Madness). It was a great spot to watch and listen from!
 Santa's letter did explain that these Elves like to Make Mischief sometimes and will get stuck in silly situations when the have to freeze every morning. While children can't touch the Elf...if this happens, it's okay for Mom or Dad to "gently" remove an Elf and place him back on his watch spot. For those days when he's wrapped around the gallon of milk and we need to pour some. Or he's mummified on our t.p. roll and someone needs a wipin'!

Oh Silly Filmore! What fun will you get into tonight???

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Jennifer said...

Oh, you're not the last. We don't have an elf. Maybe one will find his way to the house, but we'll have to see.