Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Dad

Let me tell you a bit about my Dad.
He's the kind of guy that wakes up laughing and falls asleep whistling.
He loves his family...esp. the Grandkids.
He's worked his hiney off his entire life...farming, meat packing, press operator and now he does maintenance work...second shift.
He'll be turning 67 soon and his cheerfulness, his activity level and his wise-cracker personality make me forget his age.
He'd also blush and say, "Cut that out!" if he heard those few praises I just sang!

So. On with my story.
Growing up in a crafty family...I got a lot of homemade gifts for Christmas, birthdays, whatever.
My Dad's Mom crocheted me a couple of afghans, lots of booties and she sewed me endless jammies.
My Dad would always tease and say, "No one's ever made ME a blanket (or whatever the gift was)!"

Now that I'm a crocheting fool, I've been whipping up scarves and hats for everyone.
If I'm working on something while my Dad's around he'll shake his head and put on his puppy-dog look and sigh, "No one's ever made me a (enter project here)."

Can you guess where I'm going with this???

For Christmas I crocheted him a scarf!

I didn't follow a pattern. 
I just crocheted back and forth and back and forth. 
Forever. My Dad towers in at six foot four!

Here's Louie "measuring" it! Floor to ceiling...I think it's long enough!

Here it is...all Sushi rolled and ready to wrap.

Do you think he liked it?

I think he did!

Before he opened it I said, "Now. You can finally quit your belly-aching!"

Now I need to start on a matching hat for his birthday!

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