Sunday, December 2, 2012

Melted Perler Bead Ornaments

Already on Day 3 of my Ornament Challenge! I can tell December is going to fly by really fast this year. Our youngest is in pre-school this year and dance. Then there is swimming all around and basketball for the oldest. PHEW!

December...or rather so wonderful in that we are all still busy as ever, but there is a reason to make yourself pause and: pray, reflect, wonder, make some magic, help someone out. The list is endless. I love it!

So today we did a melty plastic project! There is an awesome Perler Bead pin running around Pinterest. The beaded moose. I'm sure you have seen it! Follow the link to a blog titled WOOZ.DK and it's in Danish! Thank goodness for Google Translator!!!

With this Beaded Moose in my head...I flipped out while on a recent vacay in Minneapolis I found a set of cookie cutters with a moose that looked identical to the Pin at Ikea! Grabbed it up! And here is how it turned out:

This was fun and easy! The only change I made from the original post was I upped my oven temp to 300. Maybe that's a Danish/Nebraskan translation??? Anyway...after about 30 minutes on 200 my beads weren't melting at all. Up to 300 and five minutes later and it was done!

We also made a Star!

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