Sunday, June 13, 2010

Our Little Lady Turned ONE!

Last weekend we celebrated Little Lady Kat's First Birthday. Kat has been an amazing Blessing in our lives. We were happily truckin' along as a family of four when BAM, we found ourselves expecting a third. Since we already had two boys, I let myself assume that we would have another one. The day we found out that we were going to have a girl was crazy. James was over-joyed. Me? I don't know. I wasn't depressed or angry. I was so thankful that the baby was healthy and growing like she should. But I wasn't happy, either. What on Earth would I do with a girl??? Girls are!

Then June 5th, 2009 arrived and with it this little bundle of cuteness. I thought it would be awkward having a girl, but she looked at me with these ageless, piercing blue eyes and it clicked. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. She was perfect. And that has been the story for the last year. Time has gone by so fast with Kat. It makes me sad, because I am enjoying her so much. I don't know if it's because she's a girl, or because she's the third and I'm much more relaxed.

So now our Little Lady is One and we celebrated in Grand Lady Bug Style!

I made this cake by layering two round cakes. Then I star tipped the whole thing. The "black" frosting is chocolate, and the red is strawberry frosting with no-taste red coloring. The eyes are marshmallows.

Centerpieces were the rocks I painted a month or so ago. I also took mini flower pots and painted them red and black. Then I used my pinky to dab black dots on them. We filled these with daisies.
Finally we have the LadyBug Princess herself. I made her tutu by following a tutorial (tutu-orial!) I found here. It was fun and easy and took about 20 minutes total! We will be making many more of these...Kat LOVED wearing it! Then I made her birthday crown by using the pattern I found here. I'm still not very good at sewing, but this took me about an hour. I also sewed a cover to put over the elastic in the back. The crown was a hit! Making it from felt made it comfortable for Kat, and she kept it on for most of the day. Finally, for her "1" shirt, used the applique process I found here. Put this all together and you have the Lady Bug Birthday Princess!

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Kate @ The Gaines Gang said...

How cute! This brought back daughters 1st birthday was a ladybug birthday. She will be 11 this April...sniff,sniff.

Time really flys by as hard as it may seem to beleive. Enjoy it all!