Monday, March 29, 2010

Ramblings of a SAHM

So I've taken a leap and decided to start this blog. Everyone knows how much I love to share photos and what is going on with the kiddos and this just seems like an easy and fun way to regularly do that. What most people don't know is that I am a Blog Addict! It started innocently back before Christmas...I was searching for crafts and gift ideas to make with the kids. And it grew and grew, turning me into a Giant Blog Lurking Monster! I mainly read crafting blogs and some recipe ones, too. I kept thinking, "We could make that!" and we have. I've gotten so many great ideas in just the past few months. But I want to go one step farther and share those ideas with you. So you can expect silly stories about our family, stuff we make, stuff we eat, stuff we do...with a sprinkling (I'll try to keep it in check) of photos to go along with all of the above!

I feel the need to mention our kitchen table (since it's headlined in the name of this blog). It's a simple wooden table. We bought it maybe five years ago. It's only got four chairs, though, so when Kat is out of her high chair...I don't know...maybe the kids could rotate eating on the floor? Like most homes, our kitchen seems to be the pulsating center of the house. The kitchen table is where we do most of our stuff. Homework, baking, playing games, doing crafty stuff, chatting with company, coloring, play-dough(ing?), and it makes a sweet fort. It brings the five of us together...sitting at our kitchen table.

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